Thursday, December 22, 2016

Update on Craig's Activities

It appears from reports received over the last month that Craig, now destitute except for his $40,000 trust fund from his parents, which will become the property of Stanford University upon his death, and a SS stipend.  

Note:  If Craig told you he loved you and is leaving you all of his worldly wealth understand he will die penniless and likely be dependent on the charity of his brother Sterling, who is also fed up with him, for a burial.  

What a family!

Sterling, we have been told, is angry with Dan O'Dowd for having 'screwed Craig over.'  Since Craig has gotten far less punishment than is appropriate for someone who entered into a conspiracy to kill his wife and son, this shows you just how abnormal the family really is. 

Scott, Craig's oldest son, incarcerated in California for hiring a hitman to kill his wife, also remains unrepentant and eagerly awaits a visit from Dear Old Dad.  Hope he does not hold his breath.  Craig has no use for him as he can no longer provide access to his young daughter. 

We understand Craig is now living in a low-end motel in the Pacific Grove area.  It is likely his sister, Priscilla, could no longer tolerate his bathroom habits.  Perhaps it would be better for all if Craig moved to North Carolina to live in Morgan's garage.  It is likely she would be delighted to arrange this if compensated.  

Or, perhaps, Laura Smith, former styling herself as Laura, Duchess of Manchester, could move in with him at the motel and become his maid?  

Now, the warning we received.  

Craig appears to have begun drugging women and raping them.  We have two reports to this effect.  So, eat and drink nothing he provides if you hazard yourself to keep him company.  

Sunday, October 16, 2016

The Personal Genesis of this Site

A. Craig Franklin, the son of Dr. Carl Franklin of USC, is one of the co-conspirators joined with others, to be named in moving papers, of a conspiracy carried out to cover up an original conspiracy by the president and senior vice president of a corporation profiting from the War in Iraq from the time of its inception. 

The specific acts carried out by one member of a criminal conspiracy accrue to all of those involved over the entire period. 

This site has allowed me to further document these acts and acquire evidence. 

Additionally, numerous individuals have thanked me for ensuring the evidence was available thus allowing them to avoid being defrauded or otherwise harmed.   Many of these were young women who thus evaded unspeakable trauma.   

These facts, with audio and film, will eventually be provided to the public on our show, now being planned,  on Hi TV Networks. 

Stay tuned for announcements or sign up using the contact form. 

                                             All best - and thanks for following this site. 

The book, which will include all of the co-conspirators, titled Defend Yourself Against Psychopaths, will include the exclusive interviews with Alex, recorded from September - October 2011. 

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Craig and Dan O'Dowd, a Conspiracy Gone Wrong

So, what would Dan O'Dowd give as his reason for firing Craig (or setting him free to crash and burn with Firefly) in the spring of 2012?  Craig had done his job, getting Rayelan to entice me to Ohio so I could be positioned for disaster.  I have to wonder what he paid Rayelan for this service.  Way payment made through another party, for instance Morgan and Jay Gell or Nellie Barnett?  Morgan and Jay have a sort of side business in conning people out of money or into situations someone wants them to assume, if you know what I mean.

Craig, back in the day when he was able to afford conspicuous consumption hired a woman to vet the girls young enough to be his grand-daughters on multiple Sugar Daddy sites for him.  Those who were willing and also blond, tall, beautiful and smart enough to graduate college but lacking the virtue of chastity or good taste could make $5,000 a month just by being willing to have sex with him if he wanted.

He also had procurers looking for nubile young women willing to have sex with him and have babies.  This was a very interesting kind of dating service because Craig was looking for girls around 8 - 12 years of age so he decided to grow his own, so to speak.  And, as he said many times to the folks at GHS, women over 30 should be euthanized because they had aged out of usefulness.

So, the questions remains - Why did Dan hand Craig his walking papers?  Inquiring minds want to see Dan on the stand  

Sunday, January 10, 2016

A Truth in Advertising Moment for Craig of Santa Cruz

More Sugar Daddy Moments 
Than You Can Believe

For anyone who actually knew Craig, especially his victims, the profile below is an eye-roller.  

This is the standard profile Craig used for his multiple, multiple sugar daddy accounts for years.  I know because one of his former girl friends, who he had destroyed financially in what I began identifying as the, "Build-Up and Kill Delight," gave me the passwords.  She had them because after rendering her homeless and destitute Craig decided it would be fun to offer her a pittance to find him other women.  This was intended to be humiliating and degrading and, rest assured, this is how the woman involved experienced it.   

The Delight was all for Craig, naturally.  

It is important to know psychopaths do not 'get into relationships.'  Viewing the interaction this way is like a steak thinking it has a relationship with the diner who has a fork and knife poised over the plate but is smiling at it.  Yummm.  

Craig played out his Build-Up and Kill Delight with variations during multiple encounters with his victims.  Most of these were young females of adult years, sort of.  But what he really wanted was a daughter with which to play out the Delight.  That is why he says he wants children.  He is hoping at least one of the three children will be a baby girl.  All of these scenarios included lavish presents and an insistence Craig be allowed to provide his 'beloved' (the steak) with an income while they achieved, finally, their most cherished goal.  Generally this was starting a business.  

Losing your funding at a critical time can, and did, make some of these women homeless along with their children. 

This was essential to the final Delight.  This is when he rapes them, brutalizes them and grabs back everything he gave them.  He likes arranging it this way to increase the shock and pain.  Knowing he is causing pain is a big part of the pleasure he extracts from this scenario. 

Note this profile below is 2009.  The income line has changed. 
Craig was eased out of Green Hills Software, Inc., because Dan O'Dowd and likely Dan's wife Amy Chang, had realized Craig was dangerous to their continued enjoying of the billions of dollars they had acquired through DOD contracts and contracts as suppliers to other DOD companies.  Also view INTEGRITY Global Security, LLC.

Dan, Amy and the small but tight crew of original co-conspirators who stole Green Hills for Dan's partner, Glenn Hightower, are marginally more normal than Craig.  But conscience is a thing alien to them.  

Otherwise how could they delight in piling up billions by making outrageous profits through supplying the United States war machine, all of which ends up in the pockets of - you got it - the Multi-National Corporations who own and run the U. S. government.  

NOTE:  Dan and Amy pile of billions, being inherently stingy they limit their c0-conspirators to millions.  But that is how these people are, you know. 

Dick Cheney might have dropped a hint in their ear on this point since in 2003, when GHS started getting those lovely DOD contracts, Dan and Craig had helped them out with two sticky problems.  I have not yet found out it Hillary Clinton also received the same kind of assistance - but she could have.  Certainly the Multi-National Corporations and their U. S. government partners (these two henceforth referred to as a single entity denoted as 'Greedville),'  The Greedville business plan is laid out in more detail at

Craig's IQ, which he will tell you at first meeting is 180, does not aid him in the slightest when it comes to being locked into an absolutely repetitive sexual scenario which is criminal in so many ways I'll not bother to list them here.  

It was doubtless this danger which finally moved Dan first to distance Craig through FireFly, the sad little corporation that flopped,  and then cut him off.  Of course, this provides no immunization under law and the Statute of Limitations Ploy is now entirely exposed for what it is, carried out while attempts to destroy the victims continue unabated to the present moment. 

The class action lawsuit should include all of the women, children, and other family members victimized and the perpetrators should be named, don't you think?  If you are a victim I have not yet interviewed get in touch via the CONTACT FORM to the top right of this site.  

Psychopaths with high IQs are dangerous to all of us, both personally, culturally, and when they manage to work their way into positions of trust in every sector.  Dr. Robert Hare, a world respected expert on the condition recommends the officers of corporations be tested.  To that I would add  all candidates for public office as we work toward moving governance back to its original Constitutional form.  

Just so you know, if it is not obvious, this whole profile is designed to snare women who are generally all too credulous.  Craig does not have a kind bone in his brain, where the world is all about him, him, him.  

But today I found out he has been using my name in his attempts to evade more disclosure. 

Has lived in: Santa Barbara, CASan Marcos, TXNorth Hills, CASanta Clara, CA ...
Education: Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyStanford University

Friday, December 25, 2015

You Go Looking - Surfing the Web - And Things Pop Up.

I was looking for more information on Craig when a fascinating website popped up.  There are several curious omissions, which I noted with interest.  Dan O'Dowd, who with Amy Chang, his wife owns 97%, yep, you heard it right 97% of Green Hills Software, Inc., and 100% of "INTEGRITY Global Security, LLC

As the President and CEO don't you think Dan would be mentioned?  

Although the "Team" page does not mention this David Chandler was named as the CEO when the company was founded in 2008.  Dave was one of the original, very small number of co-conspirators who were to be awarded with more stock in GHS for assisting Dan in his fraud.  Craig was the organizer for this.  It was a "Throw Mama from the Train," deal.  Dan would assist in defrauding me for help with defrauding Glenn Hightower of around 300 million dollars.  Not a minor matter. 

Now, when you go look at the site you will realize these same people are providing the security for our government. 

Do, people have already proven they have, at best, a very slippery sense of right and wrong are now supplying the needed 'security' for "companies, government, and the military."  Does that make you nervous?  It should.  America is morally bankrupt today.  We were lied into the round of wars, starting with the first Iraq war and others which are murdering millions and forcing survivors into Europe.  The cost of these wars is simply overwhelming and profits no one but the Multi-National Corporations. 

Here is a list of GHS employees.  Most of these people were hired on after the original conspiracy took place.  The real Management of GHS is limited to those few - who know.  Dan O'Dowd, his wife, Amy Chang, David Chandler, Dave Kleidermacher, and a handful of others.  Why are these people entrusted with major security needs when their own sense of right and wrong is so entirely flawed? 

Relationships of Green Hills Software
Mutual Connections
Positions / Titles
Alex Feldman  

Senior Software Engineer show details and sources...
Allan Rubens  

Senior Software Engineer show details and sources...
Andre Yew  

Engineering Manager show details and sources...
Barbel French  

Barbel French  

Relations Manager show details and sources...
Ben Collins  

SALES REPRESENTATIVEPAST show details and sources...
Bill Cohn  

DIRECTOR – , Services SalesPAST show details and sources...
Brian Sloan  

DIRECTOR – FTE-W show details and sources...
Cecilia Lee  

Senior AccountantPAST show details and sources...
Charles Binaggio  

DEALER show details and sources...
Craig Pedersen  

Field Applications Engineer show details and sources...
Daniel Chung  

Embedded Systems Software Engineer show details and sources...
Dave Baker  More on Baker coming

DIRECTOR – of Hardware Development show details and sources...
Dave Kleidermacher  

VICE PRESIDENT – Engineering show details and sources...
David Barker  

District Sales Manager show details and sources...
Dorin Donaway  

VICE PRESIDENT – - Information SystemsPAST show details and sources...
Ed Klein  

Field Applications Engineer show details and sources...
Edward Richards  

GeneralEmployment show details and sources...
Gil Lauer  

Accooount Executive show details and sources...
James Benham  

ENGINEERING MANAGER – BSP Technology show details and sources...
Jared Dickinson  

Sales Representative show details and sources...
Jason Miller  

Field Consulting Engineer show details and sources...
Joe Fabbre  

Technical Solutions Manager show details and sources...
John Gluth  

Account Manager show details and sources...
John Warther  

DIRECTOR – Government Programs show details and sources...
Joseph Accurso  

DIRECTOR – of Finance show details and sources...
Ken Kline  

Senior Manager show details and sources...
Kevin Gallagher  

SALES DIRECTOR – Produc show details and sources...
Lawrence Chang  

ENGINEER show details and sources...
Linda Van  

Purchasing Manager show details and sources...
Linda Vankoughnet  

Human Resources ExecutivePAST show details and sources...
Lydia Speck  

Trade Show Manager show details and sources...
Lynn Robinson  

MANAGER – Marketing CommunicationsPAST show details and sources...
Mark Edwards  

Senior Field Service Engineer show details and sources...
Mark Gill  

PRODUCT LINE DIRECTOR – Analog Devices show details and sources...
Matt Schlumppergur  

DIRECTOR show details and sources...
Michael Farley  

Field Applications Engineer show details and sources...
Michael Santos  

DIRECTOR – of Engineering show details and sources...
Mike Jones  

Systems Consultant at INTEGRITY Global Security show details and sources...
Neil Collins  

SOFTWARE ENGINEERPAST show details and sources...
Nic Watson  

Senior Security Architect show details and sources...
Nicholas Morgan  

Embedded Software Consultant show details and sources...
Peter Newman  

ENGINEER show details and sources...
Phillip Bruckner  

Senior Field Applications Engineer show details and sources...
Sarah Jacobs  

GRAPHIC DESIGN and Marketing Coordinator show details and sources...
Serge Plagnol  

Senior Field Application Engineer show details and sources...
Shane Wright  

Networking Professional show details and sources...
Stuart Reid  

Support Services show details and sources...
Thomas Cantrell  

ENGINEERING MANAGER – Networking show details and sources...
Tylor Basas  

Inside Sales show details and sources...
William Lawson  

Driver Sales Route show details and sources...

Honest? Committed to his marriage vows? Only a psychopath would have the gall to say that.

How do Hillary and Craig and his friends fit into a book together?  You will see.....

From:  Napster
I Don't Love You Any Less by Craig FranklinI Don't Love You Any Less 
by Craig Franklin
Label: Broken Records 
 And here is Broken Records/Artists

Craig Franklin

This can only be the real, honest to goodness incest-hungry, lying, scheming, traitorous, and now wandering software engineer for whom this site was founded.  

His sexual proclivities lead him to spending every penny of the millions he got, having stolen half of them from me, his former wife who solved his IRS problems for him.  You're Not Paranoid - The IRS is Out to Get You.

Ladies who meet him on the internet or elsewhere take note.  What he is looking for are victims, not lovers.  He is not excited by sex, just by setting you up to rape and destroy you.  There are enough doumentable incidents of this now for a class action law suit.  

Further more, this honor emoting liar violated our marriage contract in every way possible.  Dan O'Dowd, his boss while he was Senior Vice President of Green Hills Software, Inc., as they carried out the fraud against Glenn Hightower, the funder and full partner in the enterprise, which was founded in 1982.  

This ploy, organized by Craig for Dan, gave Dan full control of the company and set him on his way to becoming as rich as Bill Gates.  

This was probably the only way this could have happened.  It is clear Dan could not sell water in the Sahara Desert because the marketing material he proudly produced failed to interest anyone for years.  Then, just as he thought he would have to go hat in hand to Hightower for more capital Craig wandered in.   

No sales until Craig, then working at MicroTek in northern California, ignored the marketing material and read the code.  Impressed, he recommended it to three of his friends, who bought it.  

Then, Dan knew he had found the essential missing part of his brain and made Craig an offer he could not refuse - even though he had to move into marketing, a profession he despised. But since lying is natural for a psychopath and Craig has never lacked the gall to say anything to get what he wants, it worked.  Now peruse the graph below. 

See the slight uptick in 1985?  Craig has read the code and told his friends.  See the giant surge in 2003?  That story is even more interesting, involving a diverse list of players at the International level who have NOTHING to do with software but a lot to do with war and the global meltdown we are now experiencing. 

 But being cozy co-conspirators only goes so  far.  Craig got eased out because of the nasty sex issues, which Dan covered for him to a point, the point at which he was afraid he and the company would be sued as well.  So, this is where the story starts.  Now, where it goes, that is really interesting.  Stay tuned.  

PS  the reason Craig writes songs is because he reasoned it would get women to adore him and throw themselves at his feet.  It did not work but he keeps trying. 

Craig Franklin was born in Charlottesville, Virginia, in the hospital of the University of Virginia, founded by Thomas Jefferson (one of his heroes). When he was 17, Craig learned to play folk guitar and started writing songs. After graduating from Stanford University with a BS in Math, he worked on the Apollo moonshot for a couple of years and then spent five years on the staff at MIT. This led to his success as a Silicon Valley millionaire! Although Craig never stopped playing guitar and never stopped writing songs he has lived in Oklahoma, California, Massachusetts, North Carolina, and New Hampshire — but now he’s back in California. The consummate ‘Cowboy at Heart’ Craig still loves folk and country songs along with duets too and has written several, plus he’s arranged others from existing songs.

Craig’s breakout & breakup song, “I Don’t Love You Any Less ( But I Won’t See You Any More)” addresses an issue never before encountered in a country song while being on the edge of controversy – Craig’s reaction from listeners “I take my wedding vows seriously and I wish she did too”. The ladies think he’s quite a crooner too, with his deep, sexy vocals. Craig is single ladies and quite the Cowboy at Heart..

Thursday, December 24, 2015

A Craig Update

   Craig's most compelling turn on is incest, for which he prefers little girls with whom he has built a trust relationship over a period of time.  His goal is to then rape the child, abusing them in other ways.  It is tragic I did not have any hint of this before we were married.  Some forms of perversion are just too horrifying to believe, of course.  

Of late, I have received both comments on posts and emails through the contact form about what Craig is up to.  According to the comments he has returned to using Sugar Daddy sites - but there is no longer any Sugar in this Daddy, according to a longish contact email received today.  

A young woman who said she knew about Craig through a group which produces his songs said the group had to kick him out when he tried to move in with them because he was living out of his car, which is no longer the Lexus but a ratty banger.  The woman, she used the handle Debbie, then said she had heard from other sources he had moved in with Priscilla, his sister, who lives in the Santa Cruz area.  So ladies in that area, beware.

It appears Craig has gone through all of his money having squandered it with bogus schemes and investments.  He still has, however, the $40,000 a year trust fund set up by his parents through Stanford. He can't get at the capital, which reverts to Stanford when he dies.  

So, any money to be had from him will likely be available on a quarterly basis.  He will probably pretend there is more where that is coming from.  

Having gotten the info from Debbie I made some calls.  Through a friend of mine in that area who is in the software business I heard Craig is doing short gigs at small start up companies.  He is likely not staying very long at any of these because of the tax lien issue.  He still does not file his tax returns, it seems.

My friend, from Libertarian Days, expressed the opinion the FireFly start-up in Texas was just to get him off Dan O'Dowd's back.  Could be so - but one can't look into another individual's mind.  

So, this report is more rumor than fact - but it certainly squares with what Craig has done in the past.  Firefly does appear to be dead in the water.  Debbie placed the homelessness at a year ago.  She did not say if he had just returned from Texas so there is no solid time line there.  

Awaiting events - Craig Watch Continues.