Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Craig Franklin and Christmas (And other holidays)

An excellent article appeared in this week's edition of Love Fraud by Donna Andersen.  Titled, "Sociopaths and Christmas." The article lays out how psychopaths use holidays to manipulate their victims.

The holidays were always an opportunity for Craig and those who are in contact with him should definitely read the article, linked HERE.

Craig would pile up gifts in the first phase of the relationship and, as a variation in what you will see in the article, would then use gifts to create a sense of his being unappreciated, allowing him to create a story which could be told to the detriment of the recipient.     

This constructed sense of having been unappreciated and wronged allows Craig to enjoy the subsequent assault, rape and destruction of his victim and this scenario holds true with each of his female victims to one degree of another, according to those who have contacted me over the years. 

This was the case with his gifts to me for a number of years but most strikingly the last Christmas when he insisted we go to Hawaii for Christmas, necessitating large costs which struck me as entirely out of line given that I had just managed to pull us back from the edge of disaster caused by Craig's non-filing of his tax returns.  

Craig later told people I had insisted on going to Hawaii.  He also used the fact I paid the costs on credit cards which were only in my name to manipulate his requirement to split the money in our bank account with me when he left.  Of course, he did not tell me he was leaving, trying to claim he filed for divorce the day to returned to California, several days before the rest of the family.  

It turned into the Christmas from Hell when Craig battered me for what was to be the last time in front of the children at the rental house we were using.  This included his son, Jonathan Scott Franklin, who later hired a hit man to kill his wife, Kathy, and our children, Dawn, Ayn, Arthur and Justin.  Craig made sure Misho stole the papers proving he had adopted the kids so he would be relieved of paying child support.  It worked, except that he went back into court later and admitted he was Justin's father.  His reasons for doing this will be in the book. 

Spiritual representation of Jacqueline Misho
The Christmas from Hell cost $36,000 neatly using up all funds I received from Craig in January.  Craig used 'his half' to pay Misho the Ork. 

His psychopathic daughter, Morgan, met him at the house as they let Jacqueline Misho in to rifle through my papers and other possessions.  

Incidentally, I have decided to hand all rights and relations for Morgan over to Craig, who richly deserves her.  She also deserves him.  He is exactly the kind of father who should have taken custody of her when she was around one hour old.   

Morgan is too long in the tooth to interest him sexually any more and since she has only boys they are safe from sexual assault from him.  Certainly by all reports he entirely ignored his grandson while trying to make time with his grand daughter. 

Now, on the the Christmas gift which made no sense.  

I was determined to keep us in the black, having struggled so hard to get us there that year, 1997.   Craig asked what I wanted.  I told him to get me a faux neckless in gold and gave him a picture of it and the name and location of the shop.  This was to be worn to the high end events I routinely attended in Santa Barbara.  It cost about $200.00 but looked real. 

As is true with most women I coordinated my clothing with one metal, in my case, gold. 

I later learned from Morgan Craig faultlessly picked out a neckless with a huge silver-toned heart dangling from a silver-toned chain.  When I returned it I was sent to the children's department.  The ugly thing had cost a couple of thousand.  I used the money to pay bills and buy Arthur a television set.  

So, remember to get the goodies early, absolutely do not get pregnant and leave abruptly without leaving any forwarding information before the seduction phase is over.