Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Craig's New Hobby - An Avenue to Find Normal People who do not run away screaming.

From:  Ex-Army 

COMMENT -  More Fantasy-Time from Craig, this time with SciFi writer L. Neil Smith.  

This is about as 'real' as Craig gets.
Fantasy can be entertaining but do not confuse it with reality.  
Craig's family includes no one they can identify who was exposed to danger serving in the military.  He and his two brothers carefully avoided service during Vietnam.  Their father, Dr. Carl Mason Franklin of USC served in the U.S. Navy during WWII recruiting women to be Navy officers.  This is how Dr. Franklin met his wife.  After the war Dr. Franklin returned to college using the GI Bill to earn several more advanced degrees.  
Now, Craig likes to position himself as a Libertarian.  However, his only interest in the LP, when it was still a viable political entity, was using it as a way to meet women.  A book on "General Jenny" is blatant positioning using someone, Smith, who has a reputation for writing amusing fiction.  In many ways this is a marriage made in heaven as Craig will, doubtless, pick up all the costs and make it worth Smith's while to partner with him.  
Craig has talked about writing this book for years, but his view of women is very, shall we say, consumer oriented.   
You can read chapters HERE on Smith's 'The Libertarian Enterprise.'  It appears Craig is neither editing the 'book' himself or paying for this service to be performed for the dauntless duo.   
At this juncture in time it is time to drop the fantasy and engage reality.  

Visit MacPherson Investment Group and Rebuild America and watch for our announcements for investments which change the direction of America and restore the soul of liberty.   


Wednesday, September 25, 2013

General Jenny

There's a lot of nonsense out there, ever since Private Benjamin, I guess, about ladies in combat or girl soldiers or whatever you want to call them. Well, that sort of thing is a lot of fun, but has no actual relation to reality, as any safely retired military officer will tell you. But that's about soldier stuff, you know, fighting.  Carrying fifty pounds of junk on your back and slogging through mud and trying to kill other people while they try to kill you. That's kind of a guy thing.

There are, of course, exceptions to that, but they have to be really great exceptions to be practical. You can't just include girls in an infantry platoon because they can pass all the tests.  They have to be a lot more than that to offset the enormous downside of a mixed-sex military unit.  They have to be, well, Joan of Arc or the equivalent.  And, lo and behold, L. Neil Smith has gotten extremely Heinleiny again and written about just such a girl.  Here's a chapter from his forthcoming General Jenny:

A Chapter From General Jenny
a Forthcoming Novel
by L. Neil Smith and Craig Franklin

Attribute to L. Neil Smith's The Libertarian Enterprise
[AUTHOR'S NOTE: A little while ago, L. Neil Smith's The Libertarian Enterprise ran an earlier chapter of theis work-in progress I've been writing with my old friend, libertarian singer-composer Craig Franklin.
In the story so FAR, 'way down South, where the continents meet, a Miskito Indian village shaman tells his followers of a warrior spirit, in the form of a girl, a sort of latter-day Joan of Arc, who will help their people throw off a murderous dictatorship. Asked if this is a prophecy, he shakes his head, and shows them a worn, dirty newspaper clipping ...
In the following episode, it's a few weeks earlier. Colorado Springs high school student Guinevere "Jenny" Knox is a direct descendent of General Henry Knox, one of the American Revolution's greatest and cleverest heroes. From then until now, all the men in her line have been Army officers, although none has risen above the rank of colonel. Jenny has been determined since she was four years old to become a general.
Zimmerman High School is a private institution with unusual methods; its students like to think it was named after singer/writer Bob Dylan. Giving a report in her history class on the Chinese military genius Sun Tzu, Jenny is laughed at when she tells the famous story of his having trained the Emperor's concubines in the Art of War. Her teacher, a socialist who has always disliked her, goads her into betting football captain Kip Flanders she can teach the cheerleaders to defeat his team in a paintball game she describes as "Last Man Standing".
Sergeant Hathaway is a Marine veteran in charge of the Zimmerman High School ROTC program. He likes Jenny, who is his brightest and most accomplished junior officer, but he is certain she's about to be humiliated.
Elodia is the daughter of the Mexican consul. Serenity's parents are hippies and she is morally uncertain about this battle she's about to fight.
Having befriended the pep squad's beautiful and athletic captain, Pepper Davis—the "Daphne" to her "Velma", as Jenny sees it—puts the other cheerleaders solidly on her side. And the game is about to begin ...  MORE

Thursday, July 11, 2013

From: The Duke and Doxie of Manchester

Craig's good buddy and co-conspirator, Alexander, 13th Duke of Manchester, sent an email to his former wife, Wendy Buford Montagu.  Wendy sent it on to me and we are using this to illustrate the effectiveness of simply making the facts available, publicly, can be to assist normal people in evading the predatory attentions of highly disordered individuals.  

Manchester's reaction seems to originate from realizing our google searches had finally turned up his conviction for child abuse.  Manchester pulled a gun and pointed it at two little girls, ages 3 and 6, in his condo complex in Las Vegas.  

The Duke of Manchester Arrested and found Guilty of Threatening Two Girls, Three and Six, with a Gun

The present post on that site is from a former girlfriend of Craig's, providing information in refutation of what was written by Alex to Wendy in the email referenced above, and also provides some information on Craig.  

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Craig shares his happy news

Today I received an email from my former husband, Craig Franklin, whose missive included this terse comment, "thought you would enjoy seeing one of my new girls." 

I responded, as copied and pasted below. 

to craig

Yes, but I know you prefer them younger, say around 8 - 12.  I suppose GHS is paying for this via your corporate credit card?  Oh.  Did they pull that along with your job?"

I'm not sure Craig is still employed at GHS.  I've been busy doing my radio talk show, caring for the disabled son Craig abandoned so he could pursue 'other interests.'  If you pursue the 'interest' below and subtract about 20 years you have some idea of what interests Craig.   I wish these facts had been available to me much earlier.  

Craig's interests are very focused and becoming more so as he ages far less than gracefully.  

For documentation see About Craig.

I suspect Craig, GHS, its president Dan O'Dowd, and other corporates who profit as war contractors, especially for such 'weapons' as drones, share the same morals and ethical imperatives exemplified so clearly here.  

craig@ghs.com has shared: OneModelPl

This is from the original 'Craig Franklin and Green Hills Software, Inc., site, which has now been repurposed for making Drone Contractors accountable for their irresponsible and murderous ways.  

Publication of this email, sent to me by my ex-husband on June 26, 2012 may have resulted in Craig's departure from Green Hills Software, Inc., where he had worked as Senior Vice President for Advance Products since 1986. 

ace.Com - Model: SAMARA - ID:219222 - Sherman Oaks/Newport Beach, California, United States

craig@ghs.com craig@ghs.com 
4:03 PM (1 hour ago)

to me 
thought you would enjoy seeing one of my new girls
OneModelPlace.Com - Model: SAMARA - ID:219222 - Sherman Oaks/Newport Beach, California, United States
OneModelPlace.Com, Model: SAMARA, ID:219222, Sherman Oaks/Newport Beach, California, United States
craig@ghs.com sent this using ShareThis. Please note that ShareThis does not verify the ownership of this email address.
Melinda Pillsbury-Foster 
4:27 PM (54 minutes ago)

to craig 
Yes, but I know you prefer them younger, say around 8 - 12.  I suppose GHS is paying for this via your corporate credit card?  Oh.  Did they pull that along with your job?

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Welcome to Transparency for Craig Franklin!


See the bottom of Why This Site

Craig Franklin, FireFly Techie
Craig is now, sort of, employed at FireFly CPU LLC as CTO.  As a 'moving gift' I've designed him this logo for his new company!   And now, the digging starts anew, amid my other activities.  

These are authentic firefly wings and, um, tail, which seemed appropriate in their present usages.  I made Craig far more slender than he is in real life, but we don't want their logo to be too plump and flabby, now do we?  

FireFly has a special meaning for Craig.  More on that later!

Incidentally, in CIA, military usage, FireFly is a satellite platform with a laser weapon mounted on it which can target and incinerate, but also give strokes and heart attacks.  This is yet another kind of drone, the uglier and nastier kind.  

Sort of appropriate don't you think?  


I was married to Craig for over ten years.  I trusted him.  Doing so nearly killed me and my son,  Arthur, while destroying the trust of my children.  He also destroyed me financially and enjoyed doing this while attempting to bed my daughters.  

Years later, another one of his victims contacted me and the stories were startlingly, chillingly,  similar.

The highly disordered, psychopaths, are serial predators, and this describes Craig.  In good conscience I cannot allow him to prey on others without making an attempt to warn them.  

Of late, it appears most of his victims now come to him from 'Sugar Daddy' sites and many are prostitutes, but no one should be lied to.  

This site provides insights, if you are  talking to Craig, and advice, if you are considering a relationship with him.  

Read each item on the menu because forewarned is forearmed, and you need this more than you can imagine.  

                                                                                          Melinda Pillsbury-Foster 

“Do you want to know who you are? Don’t ask. Act! Action will delineate and define you.”