Craig's Background

If you believe you have encountered Craig it is essential you know with certainty.  To assist you, we are providing specific information and photos. 


Born:  Charlottesville, Virginia July 1, 1946. (And Thomas Jefferson would not have been delighted to know this fact.) 

Craig graduated from Westchester High School in 1963. 

He went on to Stanford University, majoring in Math. 

I. Q. 180

Where you are likely to encounter Craig

You may encounter Craig, which is actually his middle name, using the name A.  Craig Franklin, Allan Franklin or a variation of his legal name, which is Allan Craig Franklin.  He has been located lurking on sites where he can meet potential victims using variations of his name.  

He is also on 'Sugar Daddy' sites using the handle, 'RICHSONGWRITER.'

Craig started using Sugar Daddy sites because normal women looking for a real relationship, too often climbed out the window of the restaurant on the first date. (I'm not making that up, it happened.)  

Craig also attempts to find women on the web using legitimate organizations, organizations he pays to start, and organizations he heavily funds to gain access to targets and legitimacy. 

Franklin is also associated with film and records.  Both of these outlets work to make him attractive to his targets.  He spent an enormous amount of money on professionals, who produced material for him.  

Craig is selling some of his songs, most of which are banal and obvious retreads from the world of music.  He appears to be responsible for "Confessions of a Frequent Flyer," which now includes several which are indubitably his, the rest falling into the category of 'retread.'  

Online he also has a song, "To Have and To Hold," written for our wedding, now grouped with those attributed to his relationship with Ivory May Kalber, who he found on a Sugar Daddy site.  Re-attributing songs, and poems, reduces the cost of pretending to have emotions for Craig.  

On the same site listen to "Foolish Dreams wCraig."   This song was written before he met me, he said for a woman he was attempting to seduce named, Fenton.  Craig understands the impact poetry and songs can have for creating emotional vulnerability.  This is why he learned to play the guitar.  He does not mean a word of it, he can't, because he feels nothing real for anyone.  

And there is Craig's film career.  This started with Win Ben Stein's Money.  Then he became an Executive Producer (He who funds films) for Mercury Rising Films.   It is this production company which is taking Craig to the heady heights of His Own Movie, titled, "Craig Franklin's Tea Party."  This is another attempt on Craig's part to achieve super-star status.  Since I am intimately familiar with Craig's political history, which no one even in the Libertarian Party ever took seriously, it makes me wonder what really, really, bad ideas he is attempting to turn into a comedy.  

Craig's first political project was to suggest starting ballroom dancing to the Libertarian Party of Massachusetts in the early 70s.  They just stared at him.  This was soon after he stalked Ayn Rand and was warned off by her attorney, by letter.  

"Craig Loves Ayn, A Love Story Gone Wrong"

Also a possibility for real material is "The Triumph of the 1991 Libertarian Convention. The untold story."

And then there is the as yet unwritten story of Craig's pursuit of Arianna Huffington when the two of them were attending one of David Horowitz's conferences.  She got away.  

Craig did run for office once.  Naturally, he took his guitar, singing his way across New Hampshire.  It was clever, but all about getting someone to listen to him perform, as is the proposed film above.  

Craig's Philosophy

Craig is an atheist and adherent of the ideas of Ayn Rand, which she identified as a philosophy, known as Objectivism.  This is, of course, why he was stalking her.  

He is very likely to bring up the philosophy very early in your contact with him.  Craig talks ideas but these bear no relationship to his actions and it is well to remember this.  

Educational Background

Craig was raised in Los Angeles and went to  Westchester High School, graduating when he was sixteen.  This was the period when he found a slightly blundering affect helped him cover his real motives.  He still uses this today.  

Because his father, Dr. Carl M. Franklin was a Vice-President of USC, Craig attended Stanford University.  Tuition was free, as a reciprocity between the institutions for the families of their professors.  

Craig was admitted to Stanford on the basis of his math scores, which were perfect.   Craig once told me he has to use most of his left brain when he is simulating emotions.  At the time I did not understand the ominous ramifications. 

Returning to Stanford for his Master's, Craig dropped out in the early 70's.  

Professional Work

Graduating from Stanford, Craig went to work as a  software developer for the Apollo moon-landing project at North American Rockwell, then on to M.I.T., Data General, and SAS Institute.  

Craig's years from the early 70's, when he left MIT, until he returned to California in 1980, are murky.  He worked in multiple companies.  

In California, he held a job, briefly, in the Los Angeles area, moving on to Digital Research Corporation, compiler development manager at Daisy Systems, and from there to Microtec Research where he had been Vice President of Engineering and managed the development of Microtec's XRAY embedded development tools. 

Craig can be correctly characterized as someone who did not stay anyplace for long - until he arrived at Green Hills Software in 1986.  Craig had substantial reasons for moving on after two years.  The IRS would have started garnisheeing him. 

"You're Not Paranoid – The IRS is out to get you."

Green Hills provided what Craig was really looking for, and it had nothing to do with software.     

Family Background 

Craig is the eldest son of Dr. and Mrs. Carl Mason Franklin, born Carolyn Deafner  Craig, of Washington Courthouse, Ohio.  

Both of Craig's parents were the first individuals in their families to go to college.  Perhaps to make up for lost time, they compiled an enormous number of degrees, encouraging their children to do the same.  

Craig has three siblings.  In order of birth these are, Sterling Craig Franklin, Lawrence Craig Franklin, and Priscilla Craig Franklin.   

None of Craig's siblings show signs of psychopathy but these tendencies might have been present in his father.  Relations between Craig and his siblings are very cool.  Priscilla probably still owes him money, which she was working off several years ago by cleaning up after his oldest son, Scott, now incarcerated for attempted murder.  

Craig, Scott told people, advised him Franklin's just take what they want, meaning he, Scott, was special and entitled to control of everything and to do what he darn well wanted, including rape, and, it seems, murder.   

Murder solicitation like 'weird movie'

Estranged wife says suspect wanted to be in control

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Craig's Idea of the Perfect 'Family'   

UPDATE:  Craig is now routinely using Allan Franklin, Allan  A. Franklin and Allan Craig Franklin in attempts to evade what has been published on the web.  

This is the reasonable explanation buttressed by this professional listing appearing on the corporatewiki.  It is highly unusual for a man approaching 70 years of age to alter the name he is using professionally without reason.  

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