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Is Craig paying for Rayelan's Hit Man to Kill Melinda?

The story you find on this site and the related sites shows you what happened to one woman and those she loved and why none of us are safe. 

No honor among psychopaths, something these people would be wise to remember.
This article is going to explain why Alexander, 13th Duke of Manchester is saying Rayelan is soliciting hit men to have me killed. You can listen to the tape HERE.
We will begin with the most recent round of manipulations, how I was enticed to relocate temporarily to Ohio by Rayelan, the owner of Rumor Mill News. Her campaign to persuade me began with offering me a weekly radio show and moved on to being paid to assist her dear friends, Alexander, the 13th Duke of Manchester and his Duchess, Laura.
Believing Rayelan's statements that Alexander had been intentionally maligned in the media and needed assistance in clearing his name I agreed to put up a website, design a public relations campaign, and write a book. After I began the projects expanded to include selling the rights to video tapes of Michael Jackson which Alexander had in his possession.
This was a real whopper of a lie on Rayelan's part. The website I was forced to put up to protect myself from their assaults and lies is The Duke of Manchester.
I absolutely believed Rayelan until my own later research, necessitated by unfolding events, began to uncover the truth everyone who paid attention to the aristocracy already knew. Alexander is a psychopath, first diagnosed as such in 1984. (See the bottom of Page 9)
But during the period of my blissful ignorance I also began selling, writing, and managing the advertising for Rumor Mill, both the online ads and the radio ads, some of which I wrote. If things had continued with me simply supplying these needed functions I would have called this a smallish part time job added to other work I was then doing.
What I did not know was that Angel Lee had been handling the advertising for RMN for years and Rayelan did not tell either of us what she was doing.
This work was done remotely and there was no reason for me to relocate to Ohio on this account. I was then living in a house I owned in California.
Rayelan then claimed she needed me in Ohio because of her health problems and because she was being threatened by the Powers – Lee Family. She told horrific stories about them, painting them as slovenly, dishonest, sexually promiscuous and devious.
If you have followed Rumor Mill, which I never had, despite having posted there for several years, you would know it was members of the Powers – Lee Family who saved Rayelan when she lost her home in California, relocating her to Ohio. This meant going out there and packing her up, which she is incapable of doing herself. Rayelan is a hoarder at at this time has numerous storage until packed full of stuff she cannot live without.
Back to the non-existent threats by the Powers – Lee Family. They thought Raye was grateful for all they had done for her.  In return, they expressed their gratitude to her.  

When they found out she was dumping them they were hurt and shocked. 

By then I was already in Ohio.  I read parts of the letters but Raye did all in her power to persuade me they were also crazy.  Finally, they went away.  
The Lee Family Expresses their Gratitude to Raye Allan Smith of Rumor Mill News - See more at:
But while I was still in California I did not know these people and thought I knew Rayelan very well.  I was worried about her and astonished, wondering how she had found herself in this situation. The answer is, it was a lie thought up to play on my sympathies and get me to Ohio. Her motives we will get into later.
In the interim the Manchesters refused to pay for the website, repay Rayelan for the multiple loans she had made to them, and began attacking me, writing libelous letters about me and making calls to my clients and editor either themselves or in cooperation with a man named Jay E. Gell, who is married to my estranged daughter, Morgan.
Their claims were absurd. I have never had even a traffic ticket and spent my entire life raising a family, doing charitable work, and working for political and social change. They claimed I was being sought by the police and other authorities in a growing number of states along with other shocking and unsavory lies.
Enter another psychopath or two.
The reason for focusing on me has a simple explanation, which begins here.
You may remember Morgan if you pay attention to politics and scandal because she was the woman John Fund battered in 2001. This was even more scandalous because years before he and I had dated. I married someone else and we continued what I thought was a cordial political friendship. My kids grew up calling him Uncle John.
After their relationship started John became aware questions had arisen in my mind concerning his clear attempts to shape the news in ways which benefited the NeoCon cabal then forming around what would eventually be the presidency of George W. Bush. I had been researching this since John's calls to me, beginning before Clinton was inaugurated, began to include shocking stories about their administration and them personally.
Some could have been true, but not all of them, as they were contradictory. John's memory is not that keen.
But when I found out Morgan was being battered I overlooked these issues. I was frantic with worry. Look for my article, “13 years ago our world changed forever - What I learned from 9/11,” to be released September 4th for a more complete explanation of why these people are so anxious to destroy my credibility. 
Morgan refused to leave Fund, who I was sure was going to kill her. I offered to put her through college, which she desperately needed being functionally illiterate. Morgan had spent ten years in college or taking acting classes after leaving primary school in the 8th grade. She is not stupid, just focused on self-indulgence. 
During this time I should have listened to my youngest daughter, Ayn, who said bluntly, “Let John Fund solve the problem for us.”

Alas, for good advice ignored. Psychopathy can be inherited. Morgan got it from her father, Richard Lee Barteaux, my first husband. The marriage lasted six months. Richard never saw, or supported his daughter. 
If you listen to what came to called the Weasel Search Tape, recorded by Morgan to persuade me he, and how she, was lying this time, you will understand their characters.
Morgan married Gell in early 2005. He had gotten her pregnant, and was certainly old enough to know what he was doing. Gell was about ten years older than her and living in a trailer park in Charlotte, North Carolina.
Personally, I'm inclined to think this was the means used by the Cheney Rove cabal to keep her from revealing a secret which had the power to derail their ambitions.
I can only wish I had never again trusted her. But I did, briefly, to my regret.
In 2010 I was beginning to understand what had happened. My computer had been hit several times, these events coinciding with projects which could generate substantial income. The harassment came in multiple ways. It was only after I sat down and looked at these not just as bad luck but seeing the pattern intended to marginalize me. I began doing more research, seeing who was involved and how I had been deceived.
I decided to hit back using the Internet.
Providing the facts, evidence and humor, I put up a site called Greedville about the corporation, Green Hills Software, Inc., which had falsified documents to deny me my rightful share of assets when my husband, Craig Franklin, divorced me in 1998.
Craig, Senior Vice President of Green Hills, had cut a deal with Dan O'Dowd, GHS President, to mutually assist each other in fraud. O'Dowd orchestrated defrauding me. Craig orchestrated defrauding Glenn Hightower, Dan's partner, the man who had funded GHS originally. Green Hills became a contractor for the DOD in 2003. The timing is telling when you look at the Time Line on the time line on the John Fund site.
The personal and business ethics of a drone contractor Contractors supply everything the War Machine needs and that Machine is now being realigned to point at us here in America. When I looked at what was happening with drones and other technologies it was clear we need to focus directly on people who work for these companies and are not psychopaths.
Non-violent moralsuasion is the only means open to us.
Using the Manchesters, Craig and Green Hills managed to get the first site taken down in December of 2011. But in the summer of 2012 I put up another site and then oriented it toward the issue of drones. The original Greedville had information on what I identified as the Greedville Business Plan.
Last night I found it on the WayBackMachine and did some updating. The new Greedville site, the one with the stories is going up now.  These parts have been published.  
But those involved originally had secrets to conceal and they knew, from past experience, I was not going to shut up.
A few months after this Rayelan said to me, “I knew I should not listen to them, that getting you out here was a bad idea.” I was stunned. Who was she talking about? I should also have wondered how many there were.
Psychopaths can cooperate when necessary, remember that.
Is Rayelan, owner and operator of Rumor Mill News a psychopath?
Who was she mean when she said they talked her into getting me to Ohio?
If she wanted me to leave why didn't she offer to make a settlement. We were willing to negotiate and be reasonable.
Get the facts, look at the evidence.
Today I am still caring for my disabled son, Arthur, 24/7 and struggling to eat. But I will not shut up. In what time I can spare I continue to work for justice for all of us.  

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UPDATE: Last Message from the Manchester Message Rant Last Night

What do you suppose Alexander, 13th Duke of Manchester meant to say when he wrote this?
Wendy surmises Alex was 'on' something and so grew increasingly loquacious and incoherent during the series of emails you read in the article yesterday. This one came last and so did not appear until today when Wendy had a moment to send it along.
Several of my associates are now working on a translation. Let's make a contest of it! What do you think Alexander, 13th Duke of Manchester intended to convey with the message below?
For future reference, the membership of their group have one thing in common: They are all afraid of Melinda. The reasons vary but the core motive is to shut her up because she continues to publish the truth about them. In some instances this is just one specific issue which could cause them serious problems. For others it is multiple things they have done they do not want known.
Here is the List of the We Don't Like Melinda Group
REASON: Lost my money so was no longer useful to her.
REASON: Craig is into incest and I told him people like that should have their balls cut off and shoved down their throats.
Dan O'Dowd (Dan's company, Green Hills Software, Inc., was the inspiration for Greedville.)
REASON: I got in the way as he was pursuing his life's dream, acquiring, by hook or crook (heavy on the Crook there) more money than Bill Gates.
REASON: He lied to me. He kept lying. He battered Morgan. He got his friends, Dick Cheney and Karl Rove, to destroy me financially to evade the consequences.
Karl Rove (Karl shares with John and is also covered on Greedville, Koch Truths, How the NeoCons Stole Freedom, and NeoCons are Cretins.)
REASON: I know about the hiring of Blumenthal and the Clintons to keep Saddam Hussein in Iraq in 2002.
Dick Cheney (Dick shares with John and is also covered on Greedville, Koch Truths, How the NeoCons Stole Freedom, and NeoCons are Cretins.)
REASON: I know about the hiring of Blumenthal and the Clintons to keep Saddam Hussein in Iraq in 2002.
REASON: Jay is an operative. This is just a job for him.
REASON: I have made his work as a con-artist much for difficult.
REASON: Laura wants to make a living as the Duchess of Manchester. If Alex can't con she can't eat.
Rayelan Allen, AKA Raye Smith of Ashtabula, born Darlene Rae Smith of Salinas
REASON: It was just a job. Rayelan is a disinformation agent pulled in to shut me up. But then it got personal for her.

Guess how many of these people are psychopaths!

Now, here is that last Message from Alexander, 13th Duke of Manchester
I never said that the FBI told me this and I
You I was contacted so was Lura I contact end the FBI and
Advice they
You but all the

Melinda had pissd
Have revenge against
Of you I
Biy my
Kids are safe
For know
Should talk to Melinda she
Is the key
To the
Trouble and
Putting you and
Family is I'm
Stop amdmtraall
THER racy results you will
Din itrelomfsd
Partial unpaid
Gavbmall pg
Layout foul info

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The Duke of Manchester Says Craig Franklin in Involved in a Conspiracy to Murder His Former Wife, Melinda

It might seem strange to have this up on Craig's site, so I will copy a quote from Alexander, 13th Duke of Manchester which occurs farther down the page where Manchester responds to the question of who is providing the money for a Murder-for-Hire Hit on his former wife, Melinda Pillsbury-Foster, Arthur Foster, his adopted, and disabled, son, and Wendy Montagu.

From the email sent by Manchester to Wendy at: August 7, 2014 at 9:10:10 PM PDT

"I do know Melinda's ex husband is involved and her kids..."
Rayelan Enlists Rumor Mill Readers in a Murder for Hire Conspiracy - See more at:

I received the emails briefly quoted above and in full, below, as a single forward from Wendy Montagu, the former wife of Alexander, 13th Duke of Manchester today. She and I provide a site which makes available to the public facts about her former husband, Alexander, 13th Duke of Manchester.  It has worked, drastically lowering the number of people on whom he cons and extorts money.  Therefore, he is angry at both of us. 

The emails were immediately forwarded on to the agent for the local FBI who I contacted earlier today, sending him a copy of the voice mail received from Wendy earlier, also from Alex. Other steps are being taken with higher levels of the FBI, they being familiar with Alex from past experience.

It does not take any research to know from this exchange of emails that Alexander, 13th Duke of Manchester and Rayelan are in contact and cooperating in a conspiracy, in effect hiring a hit man to kill me, my son, Arthur, and Wendy. Not that this stops there.

If you support Rumor Mill News, work for them, or send them money, you can be construed as a co-conspirator, having read this letter.

Note that just conspiring to kill someone is a felony and doing so as part of a conspiracy makes all acts of any conspirator the acts of all the conspirators. This means a felony has already been committed and all conspirators involved are equally liable. No overt act of violence need take place.

Legal Definition:

An agreement between two or more persons to engage jointly in an unlawful or criminal act, or an act that is innocent in itself but becomes unlawful when done by the combination of actors.
Conspiracy is governed by statute in federal courts and most state courts. Before its Codification in state and federal statutes, the crime of conspiracy was simply an agreement to engage in an unlawful act with the intent to carry out the act. Federal statutes, and many state statutes, now require not only agreement and intent but also the commission of an Overt Act in furtherance of the agreement.

And example of this from real life would be the incarceration of Jonathan Scott Franklin, who is now serving time in a California prison for paying a hitman to kill his wife, Kathy. No actual attempt was made, paying the hitman, who was a local law enforcement officer investigating the threat, which had become known, was enough.

Clearly, Rayelan, in communication and conspiracy with Alexander, 13th Duke of Manchester, has substantially planned a contract hit on myself, Arthur, and Wendy,perhaps adding Wendy to engage Alex's assistance. The nominees for 'Hitman' are readers of Rumor Mill News, who would be paid for the service the amount of $500,000. Note I say paid. This is murder for hire.

This kind of activity is common among the group of co-conspirators of which Manchester is numbered. Jonathan Scott Franklin, my step-son from my marriage to Craig Franklin, is now serving time for just this offense. See Posting, Craig Franklin Site.

Several people work for Rayelan, either as paid staff or volunteers. Their names and contact information have now been provided to the FBI along with a mailing list I had on hand of the most supportive readers. Don't let this bother you if you have, wisely, never contributed money to RMN.

It is also clear there is ongoing communication between Rayelan and Morgan Gell, my estranged, and strange former daughter as you read through the text Manchester says, (Sorry for the Language abuse necessitated), “ THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH ME THEY ARE NUMBER 1 SFTER MELINDA AURTHER AND YOU AS YOU ARE HER PARTNER ON ALL DOCUMENTATION I ADVISED YOU about lying and assisiating With her check with 'organ' she knows all about this they have a 500 k bounty on the three of you”

Alex means Morgan. This refers to Morgan Gell, whose is in regular contact with Craig Franklin who has more than enough money to pay to have me snuffed out along with Arthur and Wendy if it suits his fancy. In fact, he has been thinking about doing this since his plans with Dan O'Dowd failed to go as planned in 1998. We'll get to that later.

However, where would the money come from? Even though Rayelan has been engaged in online panhandling for years now it defied belief she could have accumulated enough to actually pay a hitman, unless he or she would, perhaps, accept as a substitute payment 250 boxes of the happy hoarders stash plus the contents of multiple storage units.

I wonder what the cost is on that every month? I'll research and report.

When Rayelan first introduced me to the Manchesters, falsely testifying to their good values and characters, I believed she was acting as a benign intermediary. But events since then have caused me to reevaluate this assessment.

When Rayelan first broached a much closer association between myself and Rumor Mill News than I had ever anticipated. First, she offered me a free radio show. Just a few weeks later she breathlessly contacted me asking I assist her wonderful, much maligned friends, the Manchesters. This looks like a setup, in retrospect. She knew what the outcome had to be and was well placed to make me the target of vitriol which would then be ascribed to the Manchesters, who had nothing to lose.

Just a short time before this transpired I had put up a website which was causing consternation for my former husband, Craig Franklin and the president of the company for which he was then Senior Vice President, Green Hills Software, Inc. My reasons for doing this were the fact they had defrauded me of millions of dollars and left me to starve while struggling to care for my son, Arthur, the same son Rayelan is encouraging her Readers at RMN to help her murder along with myself and Wendy.

The story of how Green Hills' President, Dan O'Dowd, traded favors with Craig to deny me a marital share in Green Hills Stock is told in the article I wrote, “The Ethics of Drone Contractors.” The article covers what happened to me, in brief, moving on to the issues of ethics and drones.

This paragraph from the article documents Craig working out a way to have me killed using a hit man but unable to protect himself from being suspected.

Craig at this time, late 1998 through 1999, had become obsessed with having a hit man kill his wife, according to affidavits given later by those talking to him every day. (Affidavit, Middle of Page 2) This came about because Melinda was, like Hightower, not following the carefully scripted plan he and Dan had laid out.”

Green Hills Software, Inc., is the original for Greedville, which is the name I chose for the site and business plan common to the .001%

The original Greedville site was filled with lots of cute graphics and documented facts. Unlike Rayelan and her co-conspirators, I never lie and always provide documentation. See graphics from the original Greedville site HERE.

The Email Exchange Between Wendy, the former Duchess of Manchester, and Alex, 13th Duke of Manchester on August 7, 2014.

Wendy Montagu

7:09 PM (4 hours ago)

to me

Sent from my iPhone

Begin forwarded message:
From: Lord Alexander Montagu <>
Date: August 7, 2014 at 4:03:08 PM PDT
To: Wendy Montagu
Subject: RE: Voice mail today
I hate you with all the hate possible I wish you and your family death but not this way it is not me it is Raylon who has organized this with all her
Followers I am helping you
You stupid fat whore but I stress if my kids get hurt it is on you so then worry about me but these people have all your family info and you
And your work etc THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO
With her check with organ she knows all about this they have a 500 k bounty on the three of you

Sent from Yahoo Mail for iPhone

From: Wendy Montagu
To: Duke Alexander Montagu Manchester <>; The Duchess of Manchester <>; Lord Alexander Montagu <>;
Subject: Voice mail today
Sent: Thu, Aug 7, 2014 6:02:47 PM

    Since you say your "friend" at the FBI told you there is a contract out on me and others I'll contact Coleman myself.  They would never tell you such a thing, but rather would contact me themselves.  You are so full of crap.  And the portion of the voicemail at the very end where you wish "them" (hitmen) well?  That's a threat.  And you never have anything to do with anything right Alex?  Again, go crawl back under the rock from which you were born. 

Wendy Montagu

9:24 PM (2 hours ago)

to me

Sent from my iPhone

Begin forwarded message:
From: Lord Alexander Montagu <>
Date: August 7, 2014 at 6:18:55 PM PDT
To: Wendy Montagu
Subject: Re: Voice mail today
There is a big thing between Patrick cable and
Melinda she is
Wanted in 5 states with felonies and
Look what she has written
And blogged about all the city officials in
The town in Ohio
Also she has
Stolen someone's house that was
Purchased by
All these neo
Naxis and all of these government haters so I do not care what you say but for
Your sake anything happens to my kids no one on this planet will
Able to protect you or your family

Sent from Yahoo Mail for iPhone

From: Wendy Montagu
To: Lord Alexander Montagu <>;
Subject: Re: Voice mail today
Sent: Thu, Aug 7, 2014 11:23:35 PM

You did the same to me with Patrick Campbell... This is all u

Sent from my iPhone

On Aug 7, 2014, at 4:03 PM, Lord Alexander Montagu <> wrote:
I hate you with all the hate possible I wish you and your family death but not this way it is not me it is Raylon who has organized this with all her
Followers I am helping you
You stupid fat whore but I stress if my kids get hurt it is on you so then worry about me but these people have all your family info and you
And your work etc THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO
With her check with organ she knows all about this they have a 500 k bounty on the three of you

Sent from Yahoo Mail for iPhone

From: Wendy Montagu <>;
To: Duke Alexander Montagu Manchester <>; The Duchess of Manchester <>; Lord Alexander Montagu <>;
Subject: Voice mail today
Sent: Thu, Aug 7, 2014 6:02:47 PM

    Since you say your "friend" at the FBI told you there is a contract out on me and others I'll contact Coleman myself.  They would never tell you such a thing, but rather would contact me themselves.  You are so full of crap.  And the portion of the voicemail at the very end where you wish "them" (hitmen) well?  That's a threat.  And you never have anything to do with anything right Alex?  Again, go crawl back under the rock from which you were born. 

Wendy Montagu

10:39 PM (48 minutes ago)

to me

Sent from my iPhone

Begin forwarded message:
From: Lord Alexander Montagu <>
Date: August 7, 2014 at 7:21:49 PM PDT
To: Wendy Montagu, Laura Ann Montagu-Manchester <>

Subject: Re: Voice mail today
Wendy do you not think it is time
You calm down and fix the damage you have caused with the kids I love my children and miss them more than any thing the money you have received
You are going to have to repay to me accept for child support I have
A lawyer and he is folding
A law suit against the
Russian horr who made up lies about me in Vegas and
3 other people who were involved I am
Going to be
Coming after you for all what you
Have stolen
And the lawyer has
Ways to go after Melinda and
Have her put in
Jail we
Have the
Of Montana
Us as Melinda stalked him and his kids this is no lie so may be you should start to think is it
Best to be nice
To Laura
And my
Or enamy because I have been accused of a lot of things and I am going
The oc sheriff as every body who has lied about me and
Me is
The department of
Social services is even joining in after Melinda she will not be able to hide any were and everything
The doe bitch writes your
Name is
Right next to hers so you are
Guilty as
She is you should stop and think is
All this hate worth
It as hate will kill you
You should stop and take
A long think about your life as you and your family will get hurt mentally physically and
Emotionally now is all this worth it stop and think you are losing a lot of friends as people are fed up with your skwaking
I am tired of hate I just want
To be able
See and love
My kids so does Laura

Laura has had
7 miss cariges think how you felt when you had all the mud carriages you had

Sent from Yahoo Mail for iPhone

From: Lord Alexander Montagu <>
Date: August 7, 2014 at 9:10:10 PM PDT
To: Wendy Montagu, Laura Montagu Manchester <>

Subject: Re: Voice mail today
I love my kids and no Patrick camble was mystetisly killed CIA you do not piss them of or steal from them but no he
Approached me to do what he offered but this has nothing to do with Melinda you do not fuck with neo nazis and
These idiots who are anti government these are the people who support Raylon these
People contacted Laura and I about Melinda and
You I have nothing to do with it this is all Melinda's doing you got involved with the devil and trusted her this is why they are after you because every time Melinda writes sething your name
Next to here's all I told them with Laura is we're you work and
All of your Perants address I did nothing Laura told them the same these people
Came to us we did not go to them you got your self into this you have
To get your self out of this I might be able to help but they have everything about you so you might
Have to bend over
And kiss your ass good by
These people do not care about collateral damage you should stop and think
About this I stress I do not know these people at all either does Laura you got your self into this you have to get
Your self out of this I do know Melinda's ex husband is involved and her kids I have nothing to do with this I just love
Care about my kids and my
Wife Laura

As you read this you will note Alex routinely mangles the English language – but what he thinks manages to come through.

To summarize: 

Rumor Mill News Readers are NeoNazis, "idiots who are anti government." 

Rayelan supported, and continues to support a man who admits attempting to have her wife killed.  No one believed the man involved approached Manchester, Manchester went looking. 

If anything happens to "his kids," this from Manchester's letter, Wendy is responsible.   

First Amendment rights to not include telling the truth when it is inconvenient to any of the people in this Conspiracy. They are ugly characters, every one of them.

These people include, Craig Franklin, Jonathan Scott Franklin (inactive for now through circumstances beyond his control, though Kathy told me he was still trying to find someone to kill her from within the prison, which is why she is in a witness protection program with her two kids), Dan O'Dowd, Alexander, 13th Duke of Manchester, Laura Ann Smith of Holly, Michigan AKA Her Grace, Laura, Duchess of Manchester, John Fund, Karl Rove, Dick Cheney, Rayelan Allen, AKA Darlene Rae Smith, Raye Smith of Ashtabula, Morgan Gell and Hubby, Jay Gell.

On the voice message Manchester left on her answering machine at the law firm where she words the number of conspirators named was ten. So they are probably not including Jonathan Scott Franklin.

This was not actually what I intended to write tonight, but it seems like it should come before other enlightening revelations, for instance the numbers of people living downstairs with Rayelan to do the cleaning and pack and move boxes into what was first described as her 'new house with a three car garage' which she had already bought, and then into storage. 

 What do you think it costs to get a varying number of workers to pack up over 250 boxes of 'stuff' and move them hither and yon? Not cheap. It is also not cheap to eat out continually, buy new dishes, which are delivered, and other stuff which, experience has shown, will soon be sitting at the curbside for pick up on trash day. 

The people Rayelan draws in generally change in about six week cycles, though a couple of them continue to stick around all the time. One of these is well known to Rumor Mill News people as Angel.  The exception to this is Jim Heath, who owns a ramshackle house around the corner from from Raye's rented habitat.  I was told, but have not yet verified, that Raye has been under threat of eviction because of her hoarding and a failure to clean up after her dogs. 

I strongly believe those donating should know what it is they are really supporting.  Read Raye's online panhandling letters and you will see she lives disaster and raised money from the sympathy of Readers who do not understand she makes all of her own problems from her nasty habits and incompetence.  

Inquiring Minds Want to Know. And they will

Thursday, August 7, 2014

A Sharing Moment from the Manchester Site

They never disappoint, always finding a way to illustrate it is possible to more thoroughly abuse the English language and revolt all decent, thinking people simultaneously.  

We all know the two of them will not stop until they plumb the depths of not only stupidity and cupidity but have exhausted the limits of their feeble imaginations.

The various slanders published on the asinine site maintained by Morgan for the purposes of defaming me are actually very useful. No literate person who reads them over will retain even a shred of an illusion she is literate or sober.

So little they wrote was true as to make it unnecessary to comment.

One correction, however, because it typified how little Morgan ever knew me or understood my values.

The gold wedding ring which hangs on my gold chain, the only jewelry I wear, belonged to my Aunt Evelyn. She sent it to me before she died as a symbol of the understanding between us about, surprise, Morgan. A discerning woman, she tried to warn me to beware of Morgan because of she had seen how shabbily Morgan treated my parents. I still wanted to believe Morgan would change but I kept the ring and remembered her words to me.  

If only I had believed Aunt Evelyn sooner. Then, John Fund could have handled the problem for us.

I have not the foggiest where the wedding ring Ron gave me went, nor do I care.

Now, the gold chain was purchased at 2pm on Sunday, September 27, 1997. I did not then know my son, Arthur, had nearly died in a collision on his motorcycle and was enjoying walking around the mall in the hotel when I saw the display and this very gold chain.  

I would learn about the accident when Craig, my then husband, left a message for me on the phone in my hotel room. I was in New Orleans attending a National Federation of Republican Women Conference  at the time. 

No flight home was available until the wee hours of the morning.  Only in retrospect would it occur to me how ugly Craig's behavior had been.  We passed the hospital on the way home from the airport.  Craig refused to stop, telling me he wanted to go home and take a bath, first.  

One of the problems which face us in encompassing how different psychopaths are is their callousness.  We simply cannot believe it, finding excuses for those we love.  

I was shaking with fear and felt as if I would not be able to breathe if I could not go to my son immediately.  Craig wanted to submerge himself in bathwater and read a book.  
Two hours later, when I was able to walk into Arthur's hotel room, I could not believe what I saw.  He was unrecognizable.  

I began nearly living at the hospital.  Morgan dropped by once, to pick up a check, her 'allowance,' of $5,000 for that month.  Because she had to wait for me to write it she sat sullenly in the corner of the room, scowling.  She never looked at her brother.  

Two weeks before, Craig had demanded I force her to get a job, even though it has been he who insisted we subsidize her unreasonable demands.  He had his motives.  We'll get there in a moment. 

 At age 30, you would think she was old enough to work, though she had drunk her way through her college years carousing with her boy friend, Eddy van Halen.  I did not know this at the time, naturally.  I trusted her when she told me she was doing well in school and only felt concern when the years rolled on and no degree appeared.  Then, she decided she wanted to become a movie star instead of finding a career.  Of course, what she was doing was a kind of a career, just not one a mother wants for her daughter.

It was a year later when I learn she had already cut a deal with Craig to assist him in getting a divorce.  It was Morgan who found his divorce attorney, Jacqueline Misho.  

Misho would be the divorce attorney who John Cleese's wife also found several years later, forcing Cleese to go back to work, after his retirement, to pay her.  

Cleese compared Misho, in an article by appearing in the Telegraph, "John Cleese divorce tour: the first review," to"one of the monstrous Orcs, from The Lord of the Rings – flashing up two suitable images on the screen behind him."   

Since Misho actually does resemble an Orc this was entirely appropriate.  

Ironically, even Misho eventually found even Craig too frightening to tolerate.  It probably wasn't one thing, but several, compiling over the years.  The final straw could have been his asking Misho to get him unsupervised visitation with his 9 year old grand-daughter. This had evidently been his first thought when his son, Jonathan Scott Franklin, was arrested for hiring a hitman to kill his estranged wife in July of 2009.  

On visits to his daughter-in-law, Kathy, I was told he ignored his 10 year old grandson but wrote a lovely song for the little girl. This is one of the ways Craig tries to get access to little girls.  He made quite a practice of it, hiring professionals to get him publicity.  The name of the agency was, "To Market Kids."  Craig wrote a short review, in appreciation.  "
"Working with Regina is like drinking from a firehouse – all this good information coming at you!"

                              Craig Franklin, President - Romantic Realist Records, LLC"

I had lost my illusions when my  private detective found the child pornography in his trash can.  But that was not until 2003, when we needed to find him to serve papers.  The trash pick-up was a free extra.

In Misho's office that day in December, 1999, the Orc-in-residence asked Morgan sign a document stating she, Morgan, had not had sex with Craig. Craig was covering himself for what he was planning, apparently.   

Craig has an ongoing agenda, which was sex with little girls to whom he was related.  Evidently even the Orc has a few limits.

I later realized Craig had married me to get access to my three daughters and he fully intended to carry out his evil plan. 

In October of 1999 Craig took Morgan to New York, London and Paris.  He was already staying with her in her apartment in Los Angeles, whenever he was down there in the second bedroom of the apartment I had decorated for her myself. 

So, in Misho's office Morgan discovered what Craig was willing to do to get what he wanted.   He no longer needed her services as an agent against me and was now going for what he had really wanted all along.  

There is no professional courtesy extended between psychopaths, something even they occasionally forget.    

But after he had tried to climb into bed with her earlier that December, in the wake of their trip together, he and Misho coerced her into converting his payments to her for assistance in continuous attempts to destroy me and Arthur, into a 'loan.'  

Who signs loan papers after two years of receiving monthly payments for services rendered?  Morgan, who could have refused. But she was afraid if she did she would have to get a job, for which she knew she was unqualified,  and she had another rich guy she was trying to land, this time John Fund

Ironically, eventually  she would do exactly the same thing, sign a document which was entirely false, during the ugly end of her relationship with Fund.  In both cases she hoped the gravy train would continue.  It didn't.  

The wealthy boy friend previous to Fund was Eugene Volokh, a billionaire and law professor at UCLA, who was then excited about being included in the fold of the rising NeoCon power front.  

Morgan landed him for a time because I loaned her part of my library to produce the illusion she was literate.  I also wrote the emails for her which had initially intrigued him.  I knew I shouldn't - but she hammered me for two weeks, begging, screaming, threatening, and telling me otherwise she might never find someone to marry her.  Now, that was a daunting thought.    
I have worn this chain, and the ring since Arthur's second brain injury on March 22, 1998, to remind me prayers can be answered.  Arthur lived, and so have I.

Last Saturday, July 12, 2014, appears to have been quite a night, for both Morgan and Laura. One can just see them on the phone, spittle dripping from their instruments, as they compare the pathetic lies they are typing.

So, keep up the good work, oh dim and demented duo.

Bore the world and grow older together. 

Friday, August 1, 2014

UPDATE on the whereabouts of Jonathan Scott Franklin

INMATE LOCATOR, The California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR)

Agree to the terms, enter his name as seen below and view Scott's present location.

FRANKLIN, JONATHAN SCOTT CDCR# AD7473 Age: 41 Admission Date 06/10/2010

Jonathan Scott Franklin, who initially was doing hard time in a California State Penitentiary, was transferred to:

Physical Address:
900 Quebec Avenue
Corcoran, CA 93212
(559) 992-7100

Mailing Address:
P. O. Box 7100
Corcoran, CA 93212

Craig's first comment upon being told Scott had been arrested for hiring a hitman to kill his wife was, "That was stupid.  They always suspect the husband first!" 

[May 27, 2010]

10 years to life for Marysville man in murder plot

May 27, 2010 
(Appeal-Democrat - McClatchy-Tribune Information Services via COMTEX) -- Jonathan Scott Franklin was sentenced Wednesday to 10 years to life for hiring a "hit man" to kill his estranged wife in Marysville and her boyfriend -- a sentence that came after the woman said that unless he was locked up, Franklin would try to find her.

Kathleen Franklin, 35, said on a videotape played in Yuba County Superior Court that she suffered a decade of verbal abuse from Franklin before his arrest last July as he drove away from a meeting with an undercover officer posing as a hit man.

Kathleen Franklin said that after she filed for divorce, Jonathan Franklin quoted e-mails she had written. She said she learned he'd installed spyware to steal her passwords and made video recordings of her through the webcam on her computer.

"I was just terrified to be around him," she said, recalling how one evening two Marysville police officers spoke with her and said, "We don't know how to tell you this, but your husband has hired a hit man to kill you." Jonathan Franklin, 38, a former mental health worker, said in court before his sentencing that he was "so sorry for what I did." "Every day I've spent here in jail I've had to live with the horror I've caused," he said. "I regret and despise everything that happened." Lani Steele, Kathleen Franklin's mother, said after the sentencing that the Marysville Police Department was "absolutely awesome." "They saved our daughter's life," Steele said.  MORE