Getting Close

Getting close to children for the purpose of gaining sexual access is one of the prime goals of sexual deviants.  Today, most institutions, including churches, give courses to members and activists about what to watch for.  

I took a class as a member of my church a month or so ago and was shocked at how well the behavior of men like Allan Craig Franklin, my former husband, is now understood and documented. 

With an IQ of  about 180 Craig was always looking for ways to influence my children, who he insisted on adopting as his own. 

This Declaration by my youngest daughter, Ayn illustrates the pattern.  First, destroy the trust children have in the parent who will protect them.  Second, start programming them to distrust that parent and destroy her credibility.  

Psychopathic molesters such as Craig are the third category of abusers.  They are not motivated by wanting sex but by the desire for power.  Craig was stunningly like the description of the individuals in this category.  His goal was to isolate my daughters, rape them, and then destroy them.  This would be the case with any little girl with whom he can come in contact who is blond and pretty.  

The trial of Clark Fredericks on the murder of Dennis Pegg, in New Jersey, has provided food for thought on the issue of the manipulative behavior used by these individuals.  After hearing the heart-rending testimony of Fredericks the audience applauded the murder.  

At any time there are 20,000 psychopathic individuals roaming within the United States with IQs over 180.  Having no conscience, a neurological condition now being documented, they will never change.  

So, the questions are:  If they lie their way into relationships for the purpose of gaining access to children what are we to do?  Fredericks had one answer.  A more civilized answer is to hit them with punitive judgements which make ever living in anything but poverty and with constant monitoring, impossible.  

Listen to the testimony of Clark Fredericks.  Make up your own mind.   

To gain access to little girls Craig wrote and recorded children's songs.  Listen to them HERE.    Think about this, too. 

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