Thursday, December 22, 2016

Update on Craig's Activities

It appears from reports received over the last month that Craig, now destitute except for his $40,000 trust fund from his parents, which will become the property of Stanford University upon his death, and a SS stipend.  

Note:  If Craig told you he loved you and is leaving you all of his worldly wealth understand he will die penniless and likely be dependent on the charity of his brother Sterling, who is also fed up with him, for a burial.  

What a family!

Sterling, we have been told, is angry with Dan O'Dowd for having 'screwed Craig over.'  Since Craig has gotten far less punishment than is appropriate for someone who entered into a conspiracy to kill his wife and son, this shows you just how abnormal the family really is. 

Scott, Craig's oldest son, incarcerated in California for hiring a hitman to kill his wife, also remains unrepentant and eagerly awaits a visit from Dear Old Dad.  Hope he does not hold his breath.  Craig has no use for him as he can no longer provide access to his young daughter. 

We understand Craig is now living in a low-end motel in the Pacific Grove area.  It is likely his sister, Priscilla, could no longer tolerate his bathroom habits.  Perhaps it would be better for all if Craig moved to North Carolina to live in Morgan's garage.  It is likely she would be delighted to arrange this if compensated.  

Or, perhaps, Laura Smith, former styling herself as Laura, Duchess of Manchester, could move in with him at the motel and become his maid?  

Now, the warning we received.  

Craig appears to have begun drugging women and raping them.  We have two reports to this effect.  So, eat and drink nothing he provides if you hazard yourself to keep him company.