Sunday, March 27, 2016

Craig and Dan O'Dowd, a Conspiracy Gone Wrong

So, what would Dan O'Dowd give as his reason for firing Craig (or setting him free to crash and burn with Firefly) in the spring of 2012?  Craig had done his job, getting Rayelan to entice me to Ohio so I could be positioned for disaster.  I have to wonder what he paid Rayelan for this service.  Way payment made through another party, for instance Morgan and Jay Gell or Nellie Barnett?  Morgan and Jay have a sort of side business in conning people out of money or into situations someone wants them to assume, if you know what I mean.

Craig, back in the day when he was able to afford conspicuous consumption hired a woman to vet the girls young enough to be his grand-daughters on multiple Sugar Daddy sites for him.  Those who were willing and also blond, tall, beautiful and smart enough to graduate college but lacking the virtue of chastity or good taste could make $5,000 a month just by being willing to have sex with him if he wanted.

He also had procurers looking for nubile young women willing to have sex with him and have babies.  This was a very interesting kind of dating service because Craig was looking for girls around 8 - 12 years of age so he decided to grow his own, so to speak.  And, as he said many times to the folks at GHS, women over 30 should be euthanized because they had aged out of usefulness.

So, the questions remains - Why did Dan hand Craig his walking papers?  Inquiring minds want to see Dan on the stand