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Morgan, the Psychopathic Predator, Speaks.

The short note below came to me through this site, so this is where I will respond, though I find any contact with this woman distasteful to the extreme.

Charges I was anything but a good mother are without foundation.  I had boxes of toys and books set aside for my grandchildren but because of the lies told, without foundation, will never have a relationship with them.  Knowing this was like a wound in my heart, but I know the kids would be manipulated if I tried, and this would create an opportunity for Morgan to cause harm to all of us.  Morgan's lies only work with people who did not know me.  Those who associated with me were nothing but confident I would be my word.  

These letters are from people who have known me from young adulthood to the present.  

Sonja Loll - Fellow Church Member  

Melody Gillespie - Registered Nurse 

W. Leon Smith - The Lone Star Iconoclast 

David Lincoln - Fellow Activist 

Gail Lightfoot - Libertarian Party  

Marian Replogle - Late Teens to present day 

Below is Morgan's nasty comment.  I can only be glad she continues to reveal her marginal literacy.  

"Craig is a better grandfather to my boys than you will ever beeeee!!! They love him and you will never see your grandchildren. You are the psycopath who ruined all of your childs lives

Abigail |"

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About "Morgan:"

 Morgan is given to short exclamations because longer expository challenges are beyond the scope of her mind.   She is hoping this remark will hurt me because she is using the name of my last child, Abigail, who died just  before she was born.  It took time for me to recover from the loss but I have done so.  

Morgan, born Carolyn Anne Barteaux, the Barteaux being the genetic source of the psychopathy, gave birth to two sons by Jay Gell.   Marrying Barteaux was a tragic mistake for me.  And having married him and become pregnant I would have been well advised to have an abortion.  If I had known the ugliness of her character and her vicious propensities, I would have refused custody and handed her over to Richard and his parents.  That would have served all of them right.  Knowing, I could not have, in good conscience, given her up for adoption because of her inherent moral flaws, lack of conscience, compassion, empathy, and more.  

Morgan spent her life looking for a wealthy man to support her when my father, who had refused to further support her after Mother died, stopped.  Father had eventually confronted the truth about her, disgusted.  

The first 'romantic' victim, by her report, was Eddy Van Halen, who she tried to maneuver into leaving his marriage to Valerie Bertonelli.  

There was an earlier attempt by Morgan to engage a customer of her Aunt Anne in a sexual relationship, but Anne caught her and kicked her out of the house.  

The second serious attempt was Eugene, who she deceived into the relationship by forcing me to write emails she could send to him which would make it appear she was a wit, well read, and literate.  I again apologize, abjectly, to Eugene for aiding her.  But after weeks of harassment and the threat she would never marry and remain dependent on me unless I did, I acquiesced.  Eugene, I am so, so glad you escaped.  

Note that Morgan told all and sundry she was sterile because of the miscarriage she had (could have been a lie) while in a sexual relationship with Eugene Volokh, who realized the dreadful mistake he was making and summarily dumped her just a few weeks before she jumped in bed with John Fund.  Fund is a NeoCon operative who I knew when he was just starting his career as an operative working directly for Ed Crane.  

Crane and the Kochs were attempting to take over the Libertarian Party and use it as a tool for Big Oil and otherwise enacting their political agenda - which had nothing to do with freedom, rest assured.  

I witnessed all of this, disgusted but did not know about Fund's professional goals because, naturally, he lied.  

Those who did know remained silent in hopes Fund would eventually cut them in for some largess.  

So, there she is in New York City with Morgan humping John Fund, who had asked her to call him Uncle John, along with the same wish to my other children.  And she did not arrive in NY alone.  With her was her main squeeze, my estranged husband, Craig Franklin, to whom this site is dedicated.  

I learned about this much later because, not surprisingly, none of the them were into transparency.  If you were screwing your daughter, would you advertise the fact?  And John did not want this 'connection,' known either.  

At the time, I was undergoing several surgeries.  An angiogram for my heart condition, a corneal transplant, and  abdominal surgery.   Arthur, my son, was in rehabilitation for the traumatic brain injury caused when he was driven into a depression by Craig's abandonment of him.  Craig had then paid Morgan $10,000 to persuade me to turn off life support.  I cared for Arthur alone, and it was a struggle I do not like to remember.  

The check for the $10,000 surfaced during discovery from the divorce.  

The day Morgan began humping Fund was October 26th, my birthday.  I was in the hospital while she was in bed, evidently with both Fund and my husband.  

Craig lied to everyone about the reason he married me.  Craig is a psychopath himself and a sexual predator whose target victim is a young girl, a very young girl, who trusts him and calls him, 'Daddy.' 

By marrying me and adopting my children, at his insistence, his goal was to force them into an incestuous relationship and destroy them.  The sex is not the ultimate goal, his goal is raping and destroying them emotionally.  

Morgan's offspring are boys. 

Note that Craig's oldest son, Jonathan Scott Franklin, is in prison for hiring a hitman to kill his wife. Craig's first comment upon learning his son had been arrested on this charge was, "That was stupid, they always suspect the husband,"  

Kiddie porn was found on Scott's computer when he was arrested.  Father and son evidently share this interest.

Craig likely encouraged Scott by his own exhaustive discussions during conference calls with his son, Jonathan, Morgan, Michael Emerling Cloud, and others, on how to kill me.  

Craig tried to get Morgan to sign a paper in his attorney's office stating he had not had sex with her soon after this.  
He also tried to recharacterize his payments to her as 'loans.'  

She had again suckered me into believing her and paying for her bankruptcy.  That is over.  

Around February 23, 2001 Morgan filed bankruptcy in Santa Barbara to clear the issue of the coerced promissory note from Craig and other debts she could not pay.  

On May 23, 2001 Craig filed a COMPLAINT to stop her from clearing the issue of the coerced promissory note.  In the motion he mentions more money he gave Morgan.  Since we know that Craig routinely hands over about $5,000 a month to women who he wants to be available to him sexually.  Morgan believed the money was payment for the assistance she was giving Craig to defraud Melinda and also kill her.  

Craig never gives away money without expecting to get something of value to him.  Destroying Melinda and securing all of the marital assets was of enormous value to him so it seems petty that he would also insist on getting sex.  But Craig is a psychopath and so this was a natural move for him.  

Morgan was part of the conspiracy which Morgan admits to in the response below.   This is an example of what happens when psychopaths collide instead of cooperating. 

On August 27, 2001 Morgan responded to a RESPONSE filed by Franklin to stop her from declaring bankruptcy on the promissory note she had signed under duress.

This document is well worth reading for the shock value.  The document names Dan O'Dowd, Michael (Emerling) Cloud as co-conspirators with Craig.  The document was produced by We The People, a legal service in Santa Barbara at the time, using statements from Morgan.  The document is signed by Morgan, the Debtor and Defendant.  

January 15, 2003 - Franklin Complaint Dismissal

Morgan and Craig deserve each other,  Morgan should ask Craig to come and live with her and have Jay add on to the garage so Craig can live there instead of lurking in Motel 6.  I'm quite sure Morgan is nearly as good a mother as Craig is a father.  I can only hope he has not changed his sexual proclivities since I last had a report.  

The sad fate of these children, the two boys, is painful to even consider. But I can only hope they eventually escape.  

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