Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Morgan gurgles forth yet again.

This was received today through the Craig Franklin site.  

Of  course, if she really "want all of your ex husbands and I also want the ones y never culdo get,"  was true she is hankering after her deceased father, Richard Lee Barteaux.  Odd, but what else could you expect?  His family had money and that has been her driving purpose all of her life, to marry a rich man.  It took someone with Jay's background to nail her in one place, where she makes far less trouble for John Fund et al.  Morgan with kids to occupy her life, Jay to oversee her, and  a job at Walmart (If she is still there) is less trouble for everyone.  

Am I jealous?  No, not a bit, I am joyously happy, actually.  Life is far simpler and more satisfying now.  

Just a thought.  Do you think Morgan was sober when she sent this at 3:21 PM (22 hours ago), according to the contact form, all of which I save routinely.  
It followed a comment sent just minutes before, 2:11 PM, (23 hours ago) by another woman, who 
shall not be named, who either Morgan or Laura (perhaps it was a joint venture, also including Craig?) 
told me was involved with Craig.  She wanted to make sure I would not publish anything 
about her, which I have no motive to do. 

You no i want all of your ex husbands and I also want the ones y never culdo get -  jellus mummy? Y tawt me so much

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