Thursday, December 24, 2015

A Craig Update

   Craig's most compelling turn on is incest, for which he prefers little girls with whom he has built a trust relationship over a period of time.  His goal is to then rape the child, abusing them in other ways.  It is tragic I did not have any hint of this before we were married.  Some forms of perversion are just too horrifying to believe, of course.  

Of late, I have received both comments on posts and emails through the contact form about what Craig is up to.  According to the comments he has returned to using Sugar Daddy sites - but there is no longer any Sugar in this Daddy, according to a longish contact email received today.  

A young woman who said she knew about Craig through a group which produces his songs said the group had to kick him out when he tried to move in with them because he was living out of his car, which is no longer the Lexus but a ratty banger.  The woman, she used the handle Debbie, then said she had heard from other sources he had moved in with Priscilla, his sister, who lives in the Santa Cruz area.  So ladies in that area, beware.

It appears Craig has gone through all of his money having squandered it with bogus schemes and investments.  He still has, however, the $40,000 a year trust fund set up by his parents through Stanford. He can't get at the capital, which reverts to Stanford when he dies.  

So, any money to be had from him will likely be available on a quarterly basis.  He will probably pretend there is more where that is coming from.  

Having gotten the info from Debbie I made some calls.  Through a friend of mine in that area who is in the software business I heard Craig is doing short gigs at small start up companies.  He is likely not staying very long at any of these because of the tax lien issue.  He still does not file his tax returns, it seems.

My friend, from Libertarian Days, expressed the opinion the FireFly start-up in Texas was just to get him off Dan O'Dowd's back.  Could be so - but one can't look into another individual's mind.  

So, this report is more rumor than fact - but it certainly squares with what Craig has done in the past.  Firefly does appear to be dead in the water.  Debbie placed the homelessness at a year ago.  She did not say if he had just returned from Texas so there is no solid time line there.  

Awaiting events - Craig Watch Continues. 

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