Friday, December 25, 2015

Honest? Committed to his marriage vows? Only a psychopath would have the gall to say that.

How do Hillary and Craig and his friends fit into a book together?  You will see.....

From:  Napster
I Don't Love You Any Less by Craig FranklinI Don't Love You Any Less 
by Craig Franklin
Label: Broken Records 
 And here is Broken Records/Artists

Craig Franklin

This can only be the real, honest to goodness incest-hungry, lying, scheming, traitorous, and now wandering software engineer for whom this site was founded.  

His sexual proclivities lead him to spending every penny of the millions he got, having stolen half of them from me, his former wife who solved his IRS problems for him.  You're Not Paranoid - The IRS is Out to Get You.

Ladies who meet him on the internet or elsewhere take note.  What he is looking for are victims, not lovers.  He is not excited by sex, just by setting you up to rape and destroy you.  There are enough doumentable incidents of this now for a class action law suit.  

Further more, this honor emoting liar violated our marriage contract in every way possible.  Dan O'Dowd, his boss while he was Senior Vice President of Green Hills Software, Inc., as they carried out the fraud against Glenn Hightower, the funder and full partner in the enterprise, which was founded in 1982.  

This ploy, organized by Craig for Dan, gave Dan full control of the company and set him on his way to becoming as rich as Bill Gates.  

This was probably the only way this could have happened.  It is clear Dan could not sell water in the Sahara Desert because the marketing material he proudly produced failed to interest anyone for years.  Then, just as he thought he would have to go hat in hand to Hightower for more capital Craig wandered in.   

No sales until Craig, then working at MicroTek in northern California, ignored the marketing material and read the code.  Impressed, he recommended it to three of his friends, who bought it.  

Then, Dan knew he had found the essential missing part of his brain and made Craig an offer he could not refuse - even though he had to move into marketing, a profession he despised. But since lying is natural for a psychopath and Craig has never lacked the gall to say anything to get what he wants, it worked.  Now peruse the graph below. 

See the slight uptick in 1985?  Craig has read the code and told his friends.  See the giant surge in 2003?  That story is even more interesting, involving a diverse list of players at the International level who have NOTHING to do with software but a lot to do with war and the global meltdown we are now experiencing. 

 But being cozy co-conspirators only goes so  far.  Craig got eased out because of the nasty sex issues, which Dan covered for him to a point, the point at which he was afraid he and the company would be sued as well.  So, this is where the story starts.  Now, where it goes, that is really interesting.  Stay tuned.  

PS  the reason Craig writes songs is because he reasoned it would get women to adore him and throw themselves at his feet.  It did not work but he keeps trying. 

Craig Franklin was born in Charlottesville, Virginia, in the hospital of the University of Virginia, founded by Thomas Jefferson (one of his heroes). When he was 17, Craig learned to play folk guitar and started writing songs. After graduating from Stanford University with a BS in Math, he worked on the Apollo moonshot for a couple of years and then spent five years on the staff at MIT. This led to his success as a Silicon Valley millionaire! Although Craig never stopped playing guitar and never stopped writing songs he has lived in Oklahoma, California, Massachusetts, North Carolina, and New Hampshire — but now he’s back in California. The consummate ‘Cowboy at Heart’ Craig still loves folk and country songs along with duets too and has written several, plus he’s arranged others from existing songs.

Craig’s breakout & breakup song, “I Don’t Love You Any Less ( But I Won’t See You Any More)” addresses an issue never before encountered in a country song while being on the edge of controversy – Craig’s reaction from listeners “I take my wedding vows seriously and I wish she did too”. The ladies think he’s quite a crooner too, with his deep, sexy vocals. Craig is single ladies and quite the Cowboy at Heart..

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