Sunday, December 20, 2015

Would you believe - Craig Franklin Pillsbury? Gross

One might have thought Craig had finally dried up and blown away, through there would be a lot to dry up, when up popped a reference to "Craig Franklin Pillsbury."   Odd, I thought, then googled to see if this was a relative. No, it is Craig, evidently abusing my good name to evade detection.  It had to have been him.  

I have been told Craig has moved to San Marcos, Texas.  Perhaps Green Hills Software, Inc., plus the other corporate shields Dan O'Dowd has added to his array of death and destruction  are subsidizing yet another loser start up like FireFly and decided it was best to place Craig at a distance while he continues to stalk unwary women who are looking for relations either through or through the pricier option of 'Sugar Daddy' sites.  

Sources have told me he has an account on nearly every existing site and actually employs former victims to vet new ones for him.  He evidently enjoys humiliating them and makes the offer after he has destroyed them financially.  

Craig has lived his highest values, which include fraud, rape, abuse, deceit, sexual perversions, and filthy personal habits.  

It is hard to imagine a nastier piece of ugliness than Craig, by any last name.  But if he keeps using my last name, trust me, there will be consequences.   

Do you understand, Craig?
Craig Franklin Pillsbury
Has lived in Santa Barbara, CA
North Hills, CA
Santa Clara, CA
Beverly Hills, CA
San Marcos, TX

Has worked at GHS

Has studied at Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Stanford University

Related to Melinda Franklin
Carolyn Pillsbury
Dawn Pillsbury
Morgan Pillsbury
Justin Pillsbury

Phone Available
Address Available

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